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The Royal

Royal Exchange, High St, Blaina, Abertillery NP13 3AE, UK – 01495 290968

Friendly staff lovely food what more can u ask for....

Continental Teves

Waun-Y-Pound Industrial Estate, Ebbw Vale NP23 6PL, UK – 01495 350350

Come off A465 on to A4281 which is the old A465 and follow sign quite easy to find. When you get level with the gate house stop out on the road and book in. There's 3 out side docks levels and it can be a bit tight. Good tip/load friendly helpful forklift drivers. Never in there more than an hour.

Parkowanie ciężarówek pod firma w ślepej uliczce tam sięga kamera , mozna kręcić pauze , nigdzie indziej na strefie bo kradną paliwo.

Royal Mail Group Ltd

Tredegar Delivery Office, The Promenade, Tredegar NP22 3XA, UK – 01495 722593

Not a bad service really. Last year I did have several problems with my postman leaving my parcels with other people without my permission which I found a bit annoying. I felt a bit embarrassed really as I had to apologise several times to the local shop keepers for being lumbered with my parcels on more than one occasion especially when some of the shop keepers didn't really know me and had there own businesses to attend too and still went out of there way to take in my parcels so I'm terribly grateful to them for there kindness. On other occasions the postman has knocked my front door and not given me enough time to get down the stairs to answer the doir. I have informed the postman I have two flights of stairs to walk down and if he could give me at least 30 seconds to get to my doir would be truly appreciated. This fell on death ears. On other occasions the postman has not bothered knocking my doir and just shoved a card through. On one occasion I was expecting a parcel and I sat on the last couple of steps adjacent to my front door waiting for the postman and all of a sudden a card was shoved through the letter box. I quickly opened the front door and the postman looked surprised. I said hi do you have a parcel for me which he replied oh yes sorry I didn't think you were in. I thought to myself? Maybe you should try knocking next time! But I didn't say anything to him and just thanked him for the parcel. On other occasions I was getting my post through my doir at 9.30am and then my mail was being delivered at 10.30am. This again changed to 11am and even later at mid day. The reason for this I'll never know. Now the post is delivered anytime the postman feels like it. If I'm waiting for an important signed for type of letter I have to spend half the day in waiting on my bottom stairs fro. 9.30am up till gone mid day to catch the postman or he ends up sticking a missed delivery note through my door as he can't be bothered half the time to knock my front door. As soon as I see the delivery note being shoved through the doir then I'm opening my door in seconds to get my signed for letter. It's a lot of inconveniences caused to me to have to sit on my stairs for several hours all because the postman can't be bothered to knock my door and wait 30 seconds or he just can't be bothered to knock in the first place at all and just outs a missed delivery note through the door. If the postman did his job tidy I wouldn't have to be inconvenience uneccessery to begin with. The sorting office on the other hand hasn't been a problem to me to this day thank God with fingers crossed.


This is the Government jobs website. You can search and apply for full or part-time jobs in or around Premier Inn Ebbw Vale or anywhere in Great Britain and even abroad. This is not a slick site but is comprehensive! It does what it says on the tin!
Find jobs in NP23 and Ebbw Vale. Very well known site with a good clickable map. Does what it says but that is all. For advice and tips see below.
One of the big employment databases. Several sites use this list of available jobs within the Ebbw Vale area. Don't forget to post your CV! It will go across all of them.
It is good. Loads of tips and templates to help you with your CV etc. Try the virtual Interview. Upload your CV and search for jobs in and or around Ebbw Vale. You will get there in one click. Just enter the job you are searchinf for.
Very well worth a look. Loads of good stuff.
An excellent site with loads of categories. Close to a must!
Total Jobs offer a nice complete service including help with your CV, interview advice and actual help finding a job. Well worth a click.